Investment in Ibiza is very attractive due to the consistent and continued growth and appreciation in the real estate market. Ibiza has long been one of the most popular destinations for upscale, luxury tourism, and therefore is an excellent option for residential real estate investments.  Additionally, as part of an investment portfolio, the Ibiza market offers excellent diversification as it has a low correlation to the mainland European real estate market.

Our consultant team of real estate professionals separate us from the competition by leveraging several years of local market experience, third-party partnerships,  and an extensive legal and political network  This allows us to offer our clients “value added” and an edge in real estate investments. Via cooperation with our affiliate company HÖMM CAPITAL, we also participate in local real estate projects and investments.We are a real estate investment fund buying luxury real estate for rent. In the first phase, we are investing in real estate in Ibiza. The real estate portfolio of HÖMM Capital includes high-quality luxury hotels, real estate and residential real estate. We strive for high quality investments. Then we improve the properties through practical management and value added initiatives. Our efforts are leading to solid returns for investors and solid economic assets for communities.

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